Transforming Connected Home Healthcare and Wellness

Bebaio is a complete platform for creating powerful, connected health and wellness applications

Bebaio’s fully managed, healthcare and wellness engagement platform is optimized for the unique data and requirements of wearables and other connected health devices. With Bebaio, organizations can quickly create connected experiences that maximize user engagement and drive results.

Bebaio is currently in pre-release. Contact us for early access to the Bebaio solution.
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Key Capabilities and Benefits


Maximize Healthcare Impact

  • Connected Works with commercially available wireless activity trackers and health sensor devices (does not require proprietary hardware)
  • Engaging Respects the patient’s dignity with a simple, unobtrusive experience that engages them in their own at-home care
  • Personalized Delivers experience and content relevant to the patient’s condition (physical therapy for broken leg, etc…)
  • Social Connects at-home patients with their circle of trusted caregivers (family and friends) and healthcare providers
  • Educational Provides patients and caregivers with resources and content for better home care
  • Responsive Automatically recognizes moments of potential risk and need to deliver timely and relevant guidance to the patient and their caregivers.
  • Convenient Reduces time spent on doctor office and in-person visits.

Drive Patient & Caregiver Engagement and Loyalty

Bebaio’s integrated business tools enable personalized experiences that increase patient engagement
  • Powerful data analytics to understand and predict moments of greatest user interest, need, or abandonment risk
  • Intuitive workflow tools to immediately act on user moments with hyper-targeted engagement strategies
  • Social engagement features including friending, activity feeds, likes, comments, secure messaging, notification and more

Accelerate Time-to-Value

Bebaio is an end-to-end solution for quickly creating powerful mobile and connected healthcare and wellness applications without the costs and complexities of custom built applications
  • Backend-as-a-service (BaaS) to handle the unique scale, security, and performance requirements of modern connected applications
  • Multi-platform software development toolkit (SDK), APIs and templates for native mobile and Web apps
  • Comprehensive user and group management and access control
  • Simple integration with external data sources including sensor data feeds, content feeds, enterprise systems