Bebaio for Connected Sports and Fitness

The dramatic rise of wearables and fitness apps means athletes are increasingly connected, sensor-equipped, and quantified

For sports and fitness brands, it’s a race to own this new breed of connected athlete.

A strong connected strategy is no longer just an option to remain competitive, it is a requirement to remain viable.

Bebaio provides Sports and Fitness brands with a platform optimized for the unique data and requirements of wearables and other smart, sensor-equipped applications

Key Capabilities and Benefits

Bebaio’s customer experience platform provides a complete solution on which to build high-value, branded, connected experiences that…

  • Increase brand awareness – Reach and engage both existing and prospective customers
  • Maximize customer loyalty – Integrate tightly with existing customer community, marketing and loyalty programs
  • Drive sales – Link connected consumers to other digital and physical direct-to-consumer channels
  • Enable product innovation – Collect detailed consumer behavior and performance data for product development
  • Optimize marketing and IT spend – Scale to support multiple applications across events and sports

Because Bebaio is a white label platform, you own the application and data and can integrate your connected consumer applications with your other digital channels to drive new levels of customer engagement and loyalty.