Bebaio for Connected Health and Wellness

Smartphone applications and personal health monitors are transforming consumer healthcare

For providers, these new connected health and wellness applications enable more efficient, effective, and timely diagnoses and better quality of care.

For patients, they improve prevention, increase personal security, and improve overall wellness.

Bebaio powers secure and scalable applications that support the unique data and communication requirements of connected consumer healthcare

Key Capabilities and Benefits

Black Touchscreen Smartwatch and Smartphone with health apps

Bebaio’s engagement platform powers next-generation connected healthcare applications for at-home health monitoring and caregiver collaboration. Capabilities of the Bebaio for Connected Health and Wellness solution include…

  • Secure Messaging – HIPAA-compliant patient-to-provider, provider-to-patient and provider-to-provider messaging
  • Multiple Device Support – Integration with multiple healthcare devices, monitors, and data sources
  • Alerting – Managed, automated health alerts based on sensor data anomalies and trends
  • Collaboration Personal caregiver and family member communication and support
  • Rich Media Simplified image and video sharing
  • and more…